INSEAD MBA Admissions Deadlines for 2014

by Paul Joseph on May 16, 2013 · 0 comments

INSEAD has released its MBA admissions deadlines for its two 2014 intakes. Remember that INSEAD is unlike most other top-ranked business schools in that it has two main times of the year when you can start the program: January and September. INSEAD Admissions Deadlines for January 2014 Intake Round 1: April 3, 2013 Round 2: June 12, 2013 Round 3: August 7, 2013 INSEAD Admissions Deadlines for September 2014 Intake Round 1: October 2, 2013 Round 2: November 27, 2013 ROund 3: March 5, 2014 In terms of planning, we always advise applicants to aim for an earlier admissions round rather than a later one. This is what INSEAD’s admissions team has to say on the subject: Competition for each round is relatively equal regardless of the intake or round you apply for. We review the pool of applications submitted within each round independently, keeping the “offer ratio” (percentage of candidates accepted vs. applications received) fairly constant across all rounds. This is good to know, but we still advise that you apply earlier rather than later. Doing so not only signals your sincere interest in the program, but also gives you more time to work on alternatives should you not get good news from INSEAD and need to get to work on applications for other top-ranked business schools. Want to know how to get into INSEAD and other top-ranked business schools? Take a look at our industry-leading book, Your MBA Game Plan , now in its 3rd edition. And, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter ! The post INSEAD MBA Admissions Deadlines for 2014 appears courtesy of MBA Admissions Blog by MBA Game Plan .

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