Living in a Home Stay – A Glimpse into my Magical Reality – ANNA FREUNDL

by Paul Joseph on May 3, 2013 · 0 comments

Allow me to introduce you to my  bella  Florentine home stay. My hope is that these photos give you a glance into my unique experience with an Italian mother, dog, and nourishing home away from home. Unintentional Theme:  “Light” A radiant beam that so kindly greeted me home from school. And then there’s Pepe, always greeting me…. although he usually only wants a food handout. The kitchen/dining room area. The bathroom door sign that I’ve always simply liked. A neighbor preparing for the wonderful, sunny, flowery spring ahead. A photo I took outside of my window. This mural in our living room was painted by a Japanese student who, Daniela (my host mom), hosted a few years ago. My assumption is that this was a token of her immense gratitude for Daniela. If only I was a brilliant artist. I took this photo at about 5am when the sun was about to take the moon’s spot in the sky. It was the first thing I saw when I spontaneously woke up after a long night of midterm studying. An atypical Tuscan countryside view, always a glance away from any and every window. We eat a lot of Nutella in this household. It’s a sweet life. And then of course, the woman who has left a significant mark on my heart, soul, pant size, life, TUTTI (everything)! The part hidden with my sleeve might be the most important word- “Be  the Light ” Thank you, CEA, for allowing me to truly embody a girl of her word through your flawless housing assignment to me. A pleasant reminder stamped on my wrist forever!

[via CEA Study Abroad Programs]

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