Mass Media takes on Fashion Photography in Paris!

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Two weeks ago CEA students taking  Mass Media & the Fashion Industry at the Global Campus in Paris took to the Luxembourg Gardens to replicate the photography techniques that they had studied in class. This Active Learning moment enabled students to put theory into action. Students Brigitte Afari and Alexandre Banon pose in the Luxembourg Gardens The fashion photoshoots were definitely a valuable addition to the practical learning component of fashion’s integration with media, because we were able to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who works to bring fashion alive. Being able to plan out piece by piece– from the creative ideas behind the photoshoots to the editing of the photos to highlight certain messages– provided me with real-life experience in media field, and the important messages that fashion highlight throughout time and place. – Camille Wood, CEA Global Campus Paris, Spring 2013   The fashion photo shoots were a very valuable exercise for our class to do. It was fun, interactive, and I learned a lot about how much work goes into preparing photo shoots and how to make the perfect photo that ties into a particular theme. I liked that we were in the Luxembourg Gardens as well because it allowed us to see an important part of the city while taking part in a fun and informative assignment.   – Jenna Rupert, Penn State University Park, Spring 2013 More photos of Brigitte and Alexandre   Creating, managing, and completing staged fashion photo shoots for class was definitely a valuable addition to the practical learning component of our class, as it gaves us all a truly hands-on experience in the field that we’re learning so much about. Fashion is obviously a very visual field, but having a tangible experience in creatively conceptualizing the shoot, styling, bringing the images and models to life on camera, is, in my opinion, essential to having a well-rounded learning experience. – Talithia Laurain, University of California -Berkeley, Spring 2013 Other Luxembourg shots : CEA Student Katie Spillane poses in the Luxembourg Gardens Talithia Laurain, student, poses with Assistant Dean Christopher Edwards Talithia Laurain and Christopher Edwards Katie Spillane is a student at York College of Pennsylvania Brigitte Afari is a student at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Alexandre Banon is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

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