Zimbabwe Poet Finds Inspiration in Seattle’s Youth Arts Scene

by Paul Joseph on February 22, 2013 · 0 comments

Mabwe’s activism began when he was a college student. Today he’s part of Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights, which unites 130 artists from all parts of his country on a mission to “actively use the arts as an effective media in addressing human rights and governance issues.” He’s visiting local organizations like the VERA Project and Adobe Youth Voices in hopes of learning how they involve youth in governance through the arts. He plans to take these ideas and implement, replicate, readjust them to work for the local situation in Zimbabwe. The timing is good as well: Zimbabwe is voting on a new constitution in a month and there will be countrywide elections in July. Mabwe wants to make certain that the youth voice is represented in these votes, which will decide the future for a struggling country that has been ruled by 88-year-old President Robert Mugabe for over three decades.

[via EducationUSA News Feed]

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